You Are Supposed to Be Here



Greetings beautiful people! Thank you for stopping by The Believer’s Corner! That’s right, it’s that time again, yes, you got it, it’s TESTIMONY TUESDAY! I know I’ve been M.I.A for the past two Testimony Tuesdays; I probably should’ve told you all I would be on vacay with my boo. What’s that? Oh, yeah, we had a great time! Well let’s jump right in; shall we?

Premature babies can experience many health issues some have respiratory problems; disabilities and unfortunately, some don’t survive. Well, my friends, I was one of those premature babies; that is right, I was ready to take on the world full force. According to my Mother I was 4 pounds 11 ounces, however, I recall my Father having it recorded in his wallet as 4pounds 6ounces. Okay, okay, so the weight is debatable, however, I tend to go with my Mom’s recollection considering she’s the one who had to push all. What’s not debatable is that I was indeed a preemie. Doctors estimated my time of arrival to be sometime in April, yes, for those of you that know me personally, I said April. However, I came into this world late January. I was always a curious being (I could tell you all some stories about my curiosity, but we’ll save that for another post). I guess it’s safe to say that curiosity started in my Mother’s womb. Other than having newborn jaundice and not being released until Valentine’s Day, I was one of the 20% with no problems by God’s grace. Well, let’s be totally transparent, we all have some sort of problems, but as far as problems as a result of being premature- I’m good.

Fast forward to my early twenties, I had gotten sick and had to have emergency surgery. Apparently I had been bleeding internally for two-three days. The doctor told me that I was not supposed to be here; I guess he didn’t consult with The Head Doctor Jesus.

I can assure you my point of all of this was not to necessarily create a visual of what must have transpired the day my Mother’s water unexpectedly broke or to prove that the doctor misspoke. I shared those two of many situations with you to remind someone (everyone for that matter) reading this post, that YOU are supposed to be here. As I was reflecting on my life today and the grace God has extended towards me I was reminded that I AM SUPPOSED TO BE HERE! My purpose, your purpose, is greater than us. We are not just here to exist; we are supposed to be great, because God the Father has kept us for His divine plan. You are not here by mistake and what could’ve killed you didn’t. Why, you ask, because you are supposed to be here! There’s so much I can share with you all about what could’ve taken me out of here over the course of my life (I’m sure the more we get acquainted, the more you’ll learn my testimony), but again, my point is I, you are supposed to be here.

The calling on your life was assigned to you specifically which means God has already equipped you for what He created you for and there’s no better time than now (if you’re not already doing so) to walk fearlessly in that calling. Sure you will learn some things on the way and there are some people that you are assigned to and they’re assigned to you, but please know that your role in the Master’s plan is extremely necessary. God knew you when you were in the womb, He knew then that you were destined for greatness.

I encourage you to learn to view you life the way Christ views it. I want to encourage you to be bold from this day forward and push yourself beyond your own expectations. I encourage you to be great simply because YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE HERE! I encourage you to really dig deep and live out your God given passions; and don’t tell me that rubbish about it’s too late; it’s never too late to walk in the calling on your life. As long as there is breath in your body, you have the ability to do anything. Remember my friends you’re here for a reason; YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE HERE!

Blessings to you all from The Believer’s Corner,

Testimony Lyrical Artist



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