The Hair Bag

Ok, so first things first, I realize I haven’t blogged in forever, but life has shifted and I now have time to do so. Therefore, you can expect encouragement, inspiration or motivation on Testimony Tuesdays here at The Believer’s Corner. What’s that? Yes, yes, I know today is Wednesday, but yesterday was quite busy; surely you can offer me grace this go around.

I wanted to share with you all my experience with “The Hair Bag” I had on Monday. I know, how on earth is a “hair bag” going to inspire me, you ask; well keep reading, I promise I’m going somewhere with this. So most of you know that I lost my Mom in March; she is the reason “the hair bag” came about. You see, since 2000 when my Mom had her first major stroke (she had mini ones prior, but didn’t know) we decided to lock her hair and as time went on she went from locks, to a short style to growing it out. In her final years I kept it in protective styles. I was charged with the task of maintaining Mom’s hair over the years. In the midst of these 16 years, “the hair bag” was born. The purpose of “the hair bag” was to transport all the necessary hair products and essentials back and forth to care for Mom’s hair. At first, whatever I was using on my hair, I would use on hers. However, as time went on I’ve had to change some products either because my hair was doing something new or her hair required more sensitive products as the years progressed. Needless to say, everything in the “the hair bag” ultimately became products solely for Mom.

Every so often I like to de-clutter, regroup, reflect, (well, reflect is something I do consistently) refocus and get organized. This has been my agenda for the past two weeks. I tackle each room in our home one by one and do some major purging. Well, Monday was the day to tackle the dressing/closet area and I did my best to avoid “the hair bag”, but the room wasn’t complete until I dealt with “the hair bag”. I kept telling myself that I would come back to it later, but The Holy Spirit kept urging me to deal with “the hair bag” now. I reluctantly combed through “the hair bag” little by little, each item triggering a tear jerking memory of my Mom. I was trying to find reasons to hold on to most of the products, but I knew very well that I no longer had any use for the waterless shampoo that I had to use because Mom could no longer lean her head back for me to wash it. As I tossed the products in the trash, one product at a time with tears streaming uncontrollably, the once weighted “hair bag” got smaller and smaller. With a pause in between each discarded product I could hear The Holy Spirit tell me that this is no longer your charge, this season is over. As I continued to weep, I understood that the elements that were required in this particular season of my life were of no use in the Nu season God is moving me into.

No matter how badly I would’ve loved to have held on to “the hair bag” with a grip that indicated I was holding on for dear life, I’ve come to the realization that there are some things in life we simply cannot carry into our Nu season. So I ask you, what is it that you are holding on to for dear life because it is familiar? What are you trying to transport into your Nu season that will have no use there? What is it that you haven’t dealt with that is keeping you from walking into your Nu season? What are you afraid to deal with because you don’t want to face the pain that may come with that dealing?

I would encourage you, my friend, to trust God to guide you through that process; if tears flow, let them flow, but trust God. If you feel like screaming, then scream, but trust God. If it pains your heart, acknowledge that pain, then release it to God, but beloved, I urge you, to trust God. If fear creeps in, choose faith and trust God. Whatever it is that The Holy Spirit is urging you to deal with and move on so that you can walk into your Nu season, do it and TRUST GOD.

I am rooting for you; you can do this by God’s grace! I will be praying for your Nu season, but more importantly God has GREAT plans for your life, (if you don’t believe me read Jeremiah 29:11) TRUST HIM! Embrace your Nu season and do what is required of you in order to walk in it.

Blessings to you all from The Believer’s Corner,

Testimony Lyrical Artist: The Artistic Soul Shifter


5 thoughts on “The Hair Bag”

  1. Heather,
    You aee so very sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Your transparency is freeing many others. Expect great things in your ÑU season.

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