When Fear Is Your BIGGEST Competitor

When fear is so prominent, that it literally suffocates you, and you find yourself in a place where you either have to embrace a shift or you just allow the grip of fear to take you out. Years ago, a friend suggested that I start blogging and while I didn’t say it to her, I thought, she had to have just lost her mind. I mean there was no way I could put myself in a position to share my most intimate thoughts with the eyes of the World Wide Web let alone the people on it. The funny thing is she made that suggestion because she knew I was a poet; in fact most people who knew me, knew that I was a poet, but to potentially share that with random people in the world I didn’t think what I had to say was good enough. Fast forward, now I’m in a place where I’m doing a lot more reflecting than ever before, I mean I’ve always been the reflective type for as long as I can remember, it’s when I feel the most centered. Yet, I find myself asking the question, “where on earth did that come from”, you know, not feeling good enough? All of those visions and dreams I had as a child, what happened. Why am I not stepping into what I know to be so natural with both feet? Well ladies and gentleman, anyone who knows me personally has heard me say that I strongly believe there is truth in transparency, and in 2015 I am going to be more transparent than I’ve ever been. So transparent, that some things may come as a shock, but hey, if there’s truth in transparency, then there must be healing in truth; as a matter of fact the Bible confirms that to be true in John 8:32-the truth will set you free. If healing doesn’t come with freedom, I don’t know what does! I don’t know about you, but in 2015 I plan on accepting my healing because it is essential to my purpose and I encourage you to do the same. So where did it come from, I’ll tell you where, it came from my number one competitor, “fear”! I square up with “fear” all the time and somehow that fool wins more times than I’d like to admit. Not this time though, this time I’m exposing “fear” once and for all! As I write this I think back to the times when I was completely fearless, the times when I was a child in the second grade who hardly ever got any work done because I was always staring out the window and dreaming of all the great things I was going to do in life. I was fearless! I was fearless when I took the metro bus the summer before I was going to walk the halls of my high school for the first time and I sat in the bleachers for hours imaging myself on the track team running relay races. Completely fearless! I can go on and on about the dreams deferred, and the disappearance of that young curious kid who was so curious about everything that taking someone’s word was never enough. In fact, I took risks just to see what the result was really going to be. Perhaps “fear” knew I was destined for greatness, perhaps “fear” knows that you too are destined for greatness yet has managed to chip away at your authenticity for so long you too may have forgotten those times when you were completely fearless. I’ve discovered that “fear” often comes in a disguise, in the form of words, environment, circumstances, etc.; it’s a companion of the devil. “Fear” wants to keep you from walking in your God-given purpose. What I’m learning in this season of preparation, is that the words that have been spoken to me by the person who told me that I could never run track because my breast were too large or the kids who teased me because of my hand-me-downs or when I was told that I would never make any money as a poet or the person who told me that they would live to see my mistake, was all in “fear’s” plan so that whenever I even thought about walking in those dreams and visions, I would remember those words instead of that fearless, curious child who thrived off of taking risks. How could I not be good enough when the Master Himself created me? Ok, sure I get it, I may not be good enough for some folks in this world, but I’m the perfect candidate for God’s plan because He obviously created and kept me with a specific purpose in mind that only I can fulfill. If you too struggle with fear, I want you to first pray and spend time with God. I encourage you to dig deep and remember those moments when you dreamed BIG, those times in your life when you were completely fearless and begin to take the necessary steps to walk in your God-ordained purpose. Even if you are terrified at first, I encourage you to put one foot in front of the other and move because the pain that comes with neglecting your dreams, visions and purpose will be even greater if you don’t. It’s time to shut “fear” down once and for all!


Testimony Lyrical Artist

Artistic Soul Shifter


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